Friday, February 28, 2014

Black Church Gems

What a marvelous Black History Month we have had. Highlighted by Founder's Day and Annual Maryland AME Day we have reflected on and celebrated our rich tradition and history. As we close out the month we leave you with one more gem. Praying that through it all you DANCE!!!
Dance Sisters Dance
You have come into this place and brought all your baggage along
You're confused, lost and don't know where you belong
Cheated, lied on and mistreated
Knocked down, kicked to the curb and defeated
Hold on,
I want to tell you here and now something that I know
Yes, I have been where you are- I was hurting so.
Abused, neglected and cast aside,
Life was taking me on a tragic ride
What had I done to deserve such a fate?
I thought back and couldn't determine how I arrived a this state
One day when I was so low that I thought all was lost
I visited a church and heard the preacher talk about a man who paid the cost
He exclaimed that the Son of God had died on Calvary
For people like you and me
But he went on to say that we ought to celebrate every day
For God had sent his only begotten son our way
Stop holding your head down look up to his light
Gather from its rays reflections of power and might
Dance Sisters Dance
As you begin to feel the glow from his love
Lift holy hands to the king above
Dance Sisters Dance
Sway away your problems
Move to the pulsating rhymes
Dance Sisters Dance
Whirl away your addiction and obsession
You will be released from your repression and depression
Dance Sisters Dance
Let the Holy Ghost engulf you in waves of joyous wonderment
As you body becomes God's high praise instrument
Dance Sisters Dance
Jump, stomp, kick, swing
Rock, bow, bend and sing
Dance Sisters Dance
The devil is a liar
God is more powerful than Satan's fire
Dance Sisters Dance
written by: Dr. Pam DeVeaux
Black Church Gems: A Collection of Poems and Inspirational Writings

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WMS Life Membership Award

Episcopal Supervisor Dr. Pam DeVeaux presents a well earned WMS Life Membership Award to Sister Constance Cooke during recent Founder's Day Celebration

Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Dr. Pam & Connor

Dr. Pam DeVeaux and her 13th grandchild, Connor Morris Harris share a birthday!! A very special day for 2 very special people. May God continue to BLESS them both with good health, love, laughter and LIGHT!!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Annual Maryland A.M.E Day 2014

The 3rd annual event was spearheaded by the 2nd Episcopal District Social Action Committee under the leadership of Chairman Rev. Wendell Christopher and Rev. Linda Mouzon. The day began with a clergy breakfast/round table discussion with Bishop DeVeaux, Dr. Pam, Lt. Governor Anthony Brown, Senator Cathy Pugh, Rep. Adrienne Jones, a Maryland A.M.E. clergy.
2nd District Leadership with MD State Leadership Bishop DeVeaux and Dr. Pam with Governor O'Malley

2nd District WMS, Roundtable Discussion
Little known fact- MD Rep. Adrienne Johnson is the first African-American female to serve as the current Maryland State House Speaker-Pro-Tem of the Senate and is a member of Union Bethel AME Church in Randallstown, MD.
MD Senator C. Anthony Muse, Senator Cathy Pugh, Rep. Adrienne Jones, Gov. Martin O'Malley
Lunch was catered by Carver Vo-Tech High School (Baltimore) where the culinary staff is comprised of an entire student staff from servers to general manager, executive sous-chef-all of whom are certified food handlers. Bishop DeVeaux and Dr. Pam spotlighted the gifts and talents of young African Americans. Attendees were serenaded by the melodious voices of the talented trio of Elder Louis-Charles Harvey, Rev. Wendell Christopher and Rev. Charles Sembly.

Bishop DeVeaux is greeted by Lt. Governor Brown and  other MD State leaders
Special thanks to all who participated in this historic event! To God be the GLORY!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

WMS Executive Board Meeting 2014

Please click images to enlarge to read important information
2014 Executive Board President's Summary Report
 Submitted by: D. Faye Conley

Silent Auction

Monday, February 10, 2014

Founder's Day 2014

Sunday February 8, 2014. Bishop DeVeaux preached both 7:45 and 11:00 Founder's Day services at Ebenezer AME-Ft. Washington, MD. The sermon topic for 7:45 was taken from 1 Samuel, we need to let the "giants" in our lives that try to overpower us, know who we are to overcome them. David was told  by King Saul that he was too young and too small to attack and overtake Goliath. Size doesn't matter when you make yourselves bigger and rise above your problems.

The sermon topic for 11:00 was taken from Deuteronomy 26:5-15 "Looking Back, Marching Forward." You have a future that's greater than your past. Acknowledge your past but remember to move forward by praying, being patient and persevere.

Dancing for the Lord!!!

Bishop DeVeaux congratulates the Potomac 2014 Living Legacy Brother Melvin Clay with Mrs. Clay, Pastor Browning and Dr. Pam DeVeaux

Praise Dancers

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Executive Board Meeting

Bishop  DeVeaux and Dr. Pam traveled to Little Rock Arkansas to attend the 2014 Executive Board Training and Service Day January 29-February 1, 2014. Many of our own talented and dynamic 2nd Episcopal District WMS members attended as well. The meeting was well attended and a huge success! Congratulations to Dr. Shirley Cason-Reed, WMS President.

WMS leadership
Dr. Pam and Kemba Smith Pradia-WMS luncheon Speaker.
Mrs. Smith was granted clemency by President Bill Clinton
2nd District WMS working on Service Project

Dr. Shirley Cason-Reed accepts a word of thanks from the director of he Heiffer Foundation.
The WMS contributed $9,000 toward this global organization's efforts to supply needy countries with livestock. Great Job!!!