Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Message/Celebration with the Bishop

The Episcopal office was truly blessed by having Bishop DeVeaux deliver the Christmas message at the Noonday Chapel Service taken from Luke 2:4-30 entitled "God's Fear Not." We were also blessed with the presence of our AME Treasure/CFO- Richard Allen Lewis and 3 of the 11 2015 Noonday Chapel preachers. We had a blessed time in The Lord! Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas with the Bishop-NC and WNC

Presiding Elder Evelyn Dunn hosted the Christmas party at St. Luke AME-Fayetteville where Rev. Artie Odom is the pastor. Along with tributes by the WMS, PSWPK's, YPD, WIM and Elders Dunn and Hinton, there was music featuring the David Morrison Youth Choir and the Prettiest and Ugliest Christmas sweater contest.
Western North Carolina Conference Christmas with the Bishop was held at St. Paul AME-Raleigh where Rev. Gregory Edmond is the pastor. Dr. PAM mentioned in her remarks that we need to be thankful for the miracles in our lives!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas with the Bishop-Baltimore and Washington Conferences

Christmas with the Bishop began December 7th with the Baltimore Conference hosted by Waters AME-Baltimore by Pastor Charles Baugh. Next stop on December 8th, Bolling AFB, the host site for the Washington Conference, hosted by Rev. John Abraham, President of the Ministerial Alliance. The food, fellowship and fun were such a blessing! Thank you to all who attended! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Bennett Garden

These are pictures from our recent visit to Bennett's Garden in Upper Marlboro, MD. Mr. Curtis Bennett is an AME member who runs a fresh produce farm and thinks it not robbery to grow cabbage, kale, turnip greens and collard greens to share with fellow church members throughout the Connection. Churches are permitted to supplement their food pantries and pay it forward to bless others. What a blessing!!!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Funny Friday

2015 Capitol District Conference

Turner Memorial AME in Hyattsville, MD was the host church for the recently convened Capitol District Conference. The host pastor was Rev. Darryl Kearney with Presiding Elder Louis-Charles Harvey. Bishop DeVeaux gave the opening service sermon taken from Haggai:1-2 with the subject-"Be Strong and Go to Work" instructing us to wait on The Lord, sometimes we can not hear the Lord because we are making too much noise!! Amen!

Cornerstone AME-LaPlata, MD

Rev. Valdes Snipes-Bennett consecrated her 1st Missionary Society in the name of the late Bishop Sarah Francis Davis and was honored to have our own 2nd Episcopal District Supervisor, Dr. Pam to serve as the guest speaker.  Dr. PAM spoke on Self-Control, Faith, Joy, Love and Goodness-a feast of Thanksgiving. The scriptural reference was John 6:26-35. The Lord's name be PRAISED!

Thursday, November 5, 2015





MidYear Conference-Part II

Reverend Reuben Boyd, Pastor-Third Street Bethel, Richmond, VA moderated a symposium on Civil Rights, Human Rights, Doing Right Implementing Reforms that Ensure Justice For All, featuring panelists-NC Attorney General Roy Cooper; Pastors Jill and Richard Edens- United Church of Chapel Hill, NC; and Dr. Anthony D. Jackson, Superintendent, Vance County Public Schools.
The Dorcas Extravaganza sponsored by the 2nd District WMS honored Dr. Pam in her final year as Episcopal Supervisor with "Hats off to Dr. Pam" paying tribute to her love of hats.

    2nd District Candidates Forum. May they be BLESSED as they seek Episcopal leadership positions!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

2015 MidYear Conference-Part 1

As the saying goes-"Nothin' could be finer than Carolina...." The 2015 MidYear Conference was graciously co-hosted by Presiding Elders Evelyn G. Dunn (North Carolina-Southern District) and Larry S. Hinton (Northern District) who went beyond the call of duty in providing the the-"Effective Christian Leadership Empowered by Praise, Prayer and Proclamation.

The Opening worship service message was delivered by The Right Reverend Julius McAllister, Presiding Prelate, Eighth Episcopal District. The Tribute to Veterans presided by Rev. Charles Sembly included a special poster tribute to Bishop DeVeaux for his veteran service as Lieutenant and Chaplain during the Vietnam War.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

DELIVERANCE 2015 (Part 2)

The remainder of the plenary sessions included workshops entitled "Clergy Couples; Missionaries for 21st Century, and Spirituality Panel.

Friday night concluded with the Evening of Worship with Senior Bishop John R. Bryant and Senior Supervisor Rev. Dr. Cecelia Williams Bryant whose topic was "Deliver Us From Evil" taken from Matthew 6:13. Evil is real, w need to upgrade our prayer, engage in radical intercession, prayer iis sustainable. 

Deliverance 2015 concluded Saturday morning with an Honorees Breakfast spotlighting 65 and over members throughout the 2nd District whose efforts made significant contributions to the church community. Reverend Matthew Watley, Senior Pastor, Reid Temple North Campus-Silver Spring, MD offered an exhilarating sermon taken from Acts 28:20 entitled 'Jailbreak!" In order to enjoy freedom,  you must be psychologically and spiritually free.  Don't look for deliverance on the outside, God has already given you deliverance on the inside. If you allow your situation to stay the same, allow God to change you. Your deficits don't dictate your destiny!
Evangelist Tiffany Morriar closed us out at the Noon Closing Worship Service with the message-"I'm Not Leaving Empty Handed" taken from Exodus 1:8-14, 3:7-9, 29,21. Don't let the enemy push you to the point of burn out, instead push yourself to the point of destiny.  I'm mot leaving until I get what's coming to me. God has a promise for your life. Your deliverance is around the corner! AMEN!!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

DELIVERANCE 2015 (Part 1)

My, my, my, what a time we had at Deliverance 2015!! We praised God in the Highest and gave thanks to God for the vision and the visionary in the person of our own Dr. Pam. Deliverance 2015 highlighted deliverance from any vice you felt was holding you back from reaching your destiny. 
There were sessions on Spirituality, Education, Finance and Economics, Health and Wellness, and Youth components.  Thursday night's kickoff featured the electrifying Rev. Dr. Jasmine Sculark, Founder and Pastor of Victory Grace Center & Dr. Jazz Ministries, whose message was delivered from Acts 12:1,4,5 with the title "This Means War." There is power in prayer and prayer is the foundation of the church. God can't heal what you conceal!
Friday's Morning Glory Worship featured the dynamic Reverend Dr. Samuel E. Haywood III, Senior Pastor of Hemingway Memorial- District Heights, MD giving us the Call to celebrate. 
Friday morning workshops featured Spirituality and Deliverance given by Rev. Dr. DeByii L. Sababu Thomas on historical and theological perspectives; deliverance from haters; back to basics; demons and discipleship. 
The Noon Day worship service spotlighted the incomparable Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright whose sermon was "Prayer, Praise, and Prisoners"- taken from Acts 16:25-28. Dr. Wright also conducted a ministers only session called "Pastoring the Pastors."

Wednesday, October 7, 2015