Wednesday, October 21, 2015

DELIVERANCE 2015 (Part 2)

The remainder of the plenary sessions included workshops entitled "Clergy Couples; Missionaries for 21st Century, and Spirituality Panel.

Friday night concluded with the Evening of Worship with Senior Bishop John R. Bryant and Senior Supervisor Rev. Dr. Cecelia Williams Bryant whose topic was "Deliver Us From Evil" taken from Matthew 6:13. Evil is real, w need to upgrade our prayer, engage in radical intercession, prayer iis sustainable. 

Deliverance 2015 concluded Saturday morning with an Honorees Breakfast spotlighting 65 and over members throughout the 2nd District whose efforts made significant contributions to the church community. Reverend Matthew Watley, Senior Pastor, Reid Temple North Campus-Silver Spring, MD offered an exhilarating sermon taken from Acts 28:20 entitled 'Jailbreak!" In order to enjoy freedom,  you must be psychologically and spiritually free.  Don't look for deliverance on the outside, God has already given you deliverance on the inside. If you allow your situation to stay the same, allow God to change you. Your deficits don't dictate your destiny!
Evangelist Tiffany Morriar closed us out at the Noon Closing Worship Service with the message-"I'm Not Leaving Empty Handed" taken from Exodus 1:8-14, 3:7-9, 29,21. Don't let the enemy push you to the point of burn out, instead push yourself to the point of destiny.  I'm mot leaving until I get what's coming to me. God has a promise for your life. Your deliverance is around the corner! AMEN!!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

DELIVERANCE 2015 (Part 1)

My, my, my, what a time we had at Deliverance 2015!! We praised God in the Highest and gave thanks to God for the vision and the visionary in the person of our own Dr. Pam. Deliverance 2015 highlighted deliverance from any vice you felt was holding you back from reaching your destiny. 
There were sessions on Spirituality, Education, Finance and Economics, Health and Wellness, and Youth components.  Thursday night's kickoff featured the electrifying Rev. Dr. Jasmine Sculark, Founder and Pastor of Victory Grace Center & Dr. Jazz Ministries, whose message was delivered from Acts 12:1,4,5 with the title "This Means War." There is power in prayer and prayer is the foundation of the church. God can't heal what you conceal!
Friday's Morning Glory Worship featured the dynamic Reverend Dr. Samuel E. Haywood III, Senior Pastor of Hemingway Memorial- District Heights, MD giving us the Call to celebrate. 
Friday morning workshops featured Spirituality and Deliverance given by Rev. Dr. DeByii L. Sababu Thomas on historical and theological perspectives; deliverance from haters; back to basics; demons and discipleship. 
The Noon Day worship service spotlighted the incomparable Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright whose sermon was "Prayer, Praise, and Prisoners"- taken from Acts 16:25-28. Dr. Wright also conducted a ministers only session called "Pastoring the Pastors."

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Haiti Trip Update

We regret that we have had to postpone the medical mission trip to Haiti scheduled for this month.  This action was in response to the advice of Mr. Robert Nichols, Director of SADA (Service & Development Agency) of the AME Church who reports that the coming elections pose a safety concern.  The dental supplies from many of you will be stored at the SADA office and will be distributed to the people of Haiti when we are able to reschedule our trip. Please keep our brothers and sisters in Haiti in your prayers. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Bethel AME-Wilmington, DE

Dr. Pam-daughter of the East Side Wilmington, DE-was invited to speak at Bethel AME's Annual Red, White & Blue Missionary Luncheon. Dr. Pam spoke from John 4:28-30 on the subject "Legacy Living-Jesus is Real". Reaping the benefits of our predecessors while holding on to something that is real! Bethel was the Morris family church where Dr. Pam and her family received their spiritual training and grounding. Several of the Morris family member were present at the luncheon. What a BLESSING!!