Saturday, April 30, 2016

Washington Annual Conference

The Noon Day Women in Ministry  Service featured Rev. Sherita Moon Seawright, co-pastor of Union Bethel AME-Brandywine, MD. The sermon topic was "Be Still and Know".

Lay Witness Night Service involved instrumental praise by Matthew Curtis (Turner Memorial AME-Hyattsville, MD); musical selections by the Joshua Generation; and comedic expression by Minister Robert Robinson (Baltimore, MD).

Friday's Retirement Service recognized the untiring labors of Christian ministry of retirees Reverends Courtney Canty, Alfred Deas, James Harrell, Christine Moore, Ronald Simmons, and Donald Smedley.

Friday Night's Closing Service featured Bishop Teresa Elaine Snorton, the 59th consecrated Bishop of the CME Church- the first and only female Bishop in the CME church.  She preached from II Corinthians 4 on the subject: "Don't Lose Heart".  Having a heart for God is what's important. The heart of ministry is the proclamation of the Word of God.


Thursday, April 28, 2016

Washington Annual Conference Opening Service

Rev. Dr. Harry L. Seawright set it off with a rousing sermon taken from Acts 12:5-12. The subject was "Prayer Power."  What do you do when the enemy is all around, when nobody is praying for you, you want to throw in the towel...rely on prayer power!!! AMEN!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Washington Annual Conference WMS

The Washington Conference capped 134 new missionaries and 7 new associates.  There was also a commemorative skit performed in honor of Dr. PAM. What a creative expression of love and appreciation. Thank you!!

Washington Annual Conference DMC

Reid Temple-North was the host venue for the 2016 Washington Annual Conference Debutantes and Masters Ceremony featuring a Dance of Praise by Savannah Manley. The DMC message was delivered by Sister Monica Montgomery, Hemingway Memorial AME.  Sister Montgomery's message was based on not growing up with a  distorted image of yourself as you see your reflection in the mirror of life.  Get out of the house of mirrors and see yourself as God sees you.

                                                       WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!!

Baltimore Annual Conference Closing Session

Pastor Bryant introduced the aunt of Freddie Gray and the Empowerment Temple volunteers.  Bishop DeVeaux gave recognition to Rev. Charlotte Clemons as her official retirement from the Baltimore Annual Conference. The Lord's Name be PRAISED!

 Thank You to ALL who participated and the OUT POURING of LOVE!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Pillar of Faith Award

Dr. Shirley Cason Reed, Intetnational President of the Women's Missionary Society and Bishop and Dr. PAM were honored at the 2016 Fifteenth Annual James Floyd Jenkins Award Luncheon held at Martin's Crosswinds, Greenbelt, MD. This prestigious award in honor of the late James Floyd Jenkins, founding member of the United Church of Christ Friends of Howard University School of Divinity, is given to those honorees for their positive effects in the communities where they live and work.
                          CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  We are PROUD OF YOU!!!

Turner AME-Hyattsville

Bishop was the invited guest of Rev. Darryl Kearney, Senior Pastor, Turner AME. The sermon text was Luke 5:1-5 on the subject, "I'm Tired, But I'll Go". Bishop taught that we need "I'll go Christians" that are short on excuses but quick to do what God needs them to do. Those type of Christians will wear out before they rust out!


Monday, April 18, 2016

Baltimore Annual Conference

The Baltimore Annual Conference was wonderful!! So happy to share more memories. The opening session was highlighted by our Opening Sermon preached by Rev. Dr. Frank Madison Reid III, Senior Pastor Bethel AME Church-Baltimore. His seminar text was taken from Nehemiah 6:1-9 on the subject, "From Exile To Empowerment- Redeeming the AME Soul". 

Dr. Reid taught us that discipline and development are the roots of the AME Church. God called us to redeem a people that nobody else wanted.  The greater the opposition, the greater the opportunity.  The enemy will try to destroy the inner soul to try to destroy the outer condition. Dr. Reid asked the question: Are we risk takers, caretakers, or undertakers? 

We celebrated our Ordination and Commissioning Service with a talented 2016 Ordinate Class. Reverend Dr. John Green, President/Dean of Turner Theological Seminary delivered a soul stirring sermon taken from II Corinthians 4:16-18 on the subject "Outwardly Afflicted, But Inwardly Renewed". Dr. Green's message to the ordinates was that according to the Apostle Paul's experiences, ministry is  not easy...but they that wait upon The Lord shall renew their strength!!

Baltimore Conference Men's Night

Rev. Terry Grady was the guest preacher whose text was taken from I Corinthians 3:16-18 on the subject "Broken Up, Torn Up, Messed Up". Pastor Gaddy mentioned that if you cannot leave something for others to follow, then you've done it in vain. If you're gonna be a fool, be a fool for Christ!

Baltimore Annual Conference Lay Witness Night

Lay Witness Night began with the descendants of AME bishops, followed by a tribute to Bishop DeVeaux and other veterans. The Ava Fields Dancers and the Baltimore Conference Choir performed. We had a BLESSED time in the Lord!
                                                         Proud Descendants of AME Bishops

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Baltimore Annual Conference WMS

The Baltimore Conference WMS honored Dr. PAM with a luncheon that featured the Rev. Dr. Joan Wharton, Senior Pastor of Hemingway Temple AME-Baltimore and President of the Second Episcopal District Women In Ministry. Dr. Wharton preached from Proverbs 31: 10-13 on the subject, "Behold The Woman".Woman is not justified by her outward appearance but by her inward spirit. The text was used to parallel the life of Dr. PAM as a woman of God's Word; a woman working the works of Chrdut and a woman of worship!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Dr. PAM -Hemingway Memorial AME

Dr. PAM was the guest speaker at Hemingway Memorial AME-District Heights, MD for their Annual Singles & Hospitality Day at te invitation of Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Samuel E. Hayward, III and First Lady Rev. Althea Hayward. Dr. PAM delivered a powerful message from II Kings 4: 1-7 on the subject, 'Living in the Overflow." Overflow living is good living. We live in empty places but God wants us to live in the overflow of his blessings. Call on God who gives us the living waters that never run dry!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Support our YPDers

Lila Mae Frazier Missionary Society Prayer Luncheon

Dr. PAM was the guest speaker at the Lila Mae Frazier Missionary Society Spring Prayer Luncheon hosted by St. John AME-Baltimore, MD where Rev. Dr. Peggy Wall is the Senior Pastor.
Dr. PAM's Missionary Message was taken from Mark 5:25-34 on the subject, "From A Mess to a Miracle." Present was a Life Member who was 98 years old!! What a mighty God we serve!

St. Jude AME Church

Bishop DeVeaux was the guest preacher at St. Jude AME-Germntown, MD the invitation of Senior Pastor Ann Mosby. Blessed time in The Lord!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Easter Sunday at St. Paul AME-Portsmouth, VA

Bishop DeVeaux was the guest preacher at St. Paul AME-Portsmouth, VA as the invited guest of Reverends Charlotte and Calvin Sydnor. Rev. Charlotte is serving as the supply pastor for Rev. Donald White.


Monday, April 4, 2016

Retirement Luncheon for Rev. Donald Smedley

The Mt. Pisgah AME Church family of Columbia thought it not robbery to honor their pastor of 23 years, Rev. Donald Smedley in his retirement.  The venue was Ten Oaks Ballroom, Clarksville, MD. The event was standing room only! 
There were many tributes, including proclamations from the Mayor of Columbia, MD and the Governor  of Maryland.  Bishop DeVeaux served as the key note speaker with a text taken from Joshua 14 on the subject -"Give Me This Mountain". Bishop referred to Rev. Smedley as a mountain man just like Caleb-one who can take the challenge and build from it.
During Rev. Smedley's tenure at Mt. Pisgah, he has increased membership from 87 to over 800! Rev. Smedley imparted words of wisdom in a way that only he can, "We, especially those in the ministry need to be slaves to God. If you cannot be a slave to God, you should not be serving". 
Those that know him know that he says what he means and means what he says-but not in a mean way. Rev. Smedley- THANK  YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!