Tuesday, May 27, 2014

VA Annual Conference- Closing

The Virginia Annual Conference successfully concluded with the capping of two new deaconesses and an inspiring sermon by Bishop Richard Norris, Presiding Prelate-7th Episcopal District.  The sermon was directed to the newly commissioned local deacons and elders. The topic was "Now That The Church Is In Your Hands--What?" The scripture reference was Matthew 4:7-9 & 16:18-19.  Bishop Norris was accompanied by 60 ministers, elders and delegates to support the Virginia Conference.

Marvelous Praise and Worship!! Thanks be to God!!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

VA Annual Conference-Opening

The opening session of the 2014 Virginia Annual Conference began May 21st with a 10:00 AM worship service with Presiding Elder Rev. Dr. Quentin J. White (Portsmouth/Richmond/Roanoke District) presiding. The worship service was in honor of the Virginia Annual Conference retired presiding elders who were invited to conduct the order of service. 

Awesome Word! Awesome Worship!

Processional, Dancing, Praising in Worship
 The annual sermon was given by Rev. Dr. Kenneth L. Ruff, Pastor-Holly Grove A.M.E. Church-Windsor, VA. His text was taken from Genesis 22:1-18 on the topic "It Won't Happen Overnight." He advised the congregation to stop asking for "stuff", instead ask what we can do for God. Also, we cannot stroke the ego of God for Him to gain our praise.  God is not a slave to the master of our thoughts because God is not trying to make us happy but is trying to make us holy.  God is trying to give us a opportunity to test our faith. The promise is in God's hand, the process is in your hand. God does not disqualify you when you don't pass every test! Praise be to God for a mighty word!!! 
Presiding Elders, Bishop DeVeaux and Dr. Pam DeVeau

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

VA Annual Conference-WMS

Virginia Annual Conference held their 2014 midday refreshing service beginning with a memorial service followed by a rousing sermon given by Rev. Robin Hopkins (Bethel A.M.E.- Rocky Mount, VA) whose text was taken from Isaiah 54:2-3 on topic- "Walking In Our Anointing." Emphasizing that the only way to go wide in your ministry is to go deep.
Presentations to YPD Directors  at Annual WMS luncheon
 The annual luncheon was dedicated to giving recognition to their YPD Directors. The evening service featured the annual capping of new missionaries and pinning of male associates.

 The night concluded wit a riveting sermon by our own Dr. PAM whose text was taken from Matthew 4:23-24 on the topic- "It's Time to Claim Your Healing." We must stop living our lives like a reality show, cure our spiritual blindness, be careful who we listen to and put ourselves in the presence of Jesus!! AMEN!!!
Episcopal Supervisor Dr. Pam DeVeaux/ YPD/WMS recognition

YPD Directors recognized
Midday Refreshing/Luncheon

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Please Mark Your Calendars

St. Mark A.M.E. Church

Dr. Pam DeVeaux enjoyed a blessed Mother's Day last Sunday. She brought the morning word at St. Mark A.M.E. Church in Oxon Hill, MD.  The service was holy ghost filled and the fellowship was warm. Thank you Rev. Sterlin Powell and  St. Mark family.
 YPDers and Missionaries from St. Mark A.M.E. greet Dr. Pam.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mother's Day Poem

Four years ago when she was nine years old, my granddaughter wrote this poem. As we approach Mother's Day 2014, I share it with mothers--biological and surrogate everywhere.
You Are My Everything
You are my sunshine
You are my glory
You are my sweetness
You are my story
You are my love
You are beautiful as a dove
When I think of you,
It makes me want to sing
You are my everything!
~Jordan M. DeVeaux
Jordan with her dad--William P. DeVeaux, Jr.  and "Pam Pam"

Monday, May 5, 2014

St. Mark A.M.E. Anniversary

Bishop DeVeaux was invited by Rev. Sterlin Powell, Sr. Pastor of St. Mark A.M.E. Church-Oxon Hill, MD to serve as the 10:00 AM service preacher to kick off the church's 30th Anniversary celebration. Bishop DeVeaux also served as chief celebrant for Holy Communion service.

The sermon was taken from Joshua 4:4. The sermon title was "Don't Forget to Remember". He required us to no suffer from spiritual amnesia and not forget to thank God for what he has already done.

Pastor Powell also recognized his associate, Rev. Green for her graduation from Bible College in obtaining her Bachelor's Degree with the support of her husband. 

Congratulations Rev. Green

"Don't Forget to Remember"

Pastor Powell and ministerial staff with Bishop DeVeaux